Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Urbana Life

Blogging has kind of taken a back seat lately. Time is a very precious commodity these days, and what little of it I have, I usually spend applying for jobs. I've applied for umpty zillion jobs in the past couple of months, and writing all those cover letters has been very stressful. I am terrified that I won't get any job, but perhaps even more terrified that I will. Me getting a job would most likely mean picking up and moving across the country and would certainly mean daycare for Will. Terrifying.

In the cold of the winter, I was extremely motivated to find a job elsewhere, and I applied for everything that I was even remotely qualified for, provided that it 1) was not in a Red State, and 2) was located somewhere warmer than Urbana. Now that it's spring, my motivation to leave this place is dwindling.

There are certain good things about living in Urbana. At times it's just so... I don't know the word... maybe surreal? Like the other day, I set out to go for a run with Will in the baby jogger. We were probably no more than a half mile from home when lo and behold, we ran into none other than SL, biking home from work. He wanted Will to meet his dog, so we jogged alongside him back to his house, talking about my dissertation and various jobs I'd applied for. And I thought, only in Urbana.

At any rate. There are so, so many things I should talk about, but never enough time. I need to write short entries more frequently so that I don't fall so far behind.

I'm missing my opportunity to go to bed early tonight, so I need to get going. But before I shut this down, here is one thing: I got my hair cut. My mom came down last weekend (note: she is a hairdresser) and hacked off my ponytail so that I could donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program that makes wigs for cancer survivors.


Because I think I look like a Neandertal in that picture, here is another one, in which I look slightly less like a Neandertal:

Momma's new do

And finally, a gratuitously cute picture of William:

Trying to crawl


Anonymous said...

1. That is a beautiful baby!
2. You look adorable with your new hair cut.

Grandma Barb

Jodi said...

And what's wrong with looking like a Neandertal?! (Not that you do, of course.)

Yeah, Urbana is a nice place to live. I totally took it for granted when I was there. Andrew & I certainly miss it (and the people in it) a lot! Speaking of that, we'll be in town for Andrew's graduation in May! Hope to see you & that cute baby of yours! Are you going to get hooded by SL?

Anonymous said...

Will is getting soooooo grown up way too fast ... it looks like you'll have to be CONSTANTLY running to keep up with him soon!!! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut ... and what a neat thing to do with your 'hacked off' pony tail!! it was good to get your new writing ... but please don't worry about keeping up with the blogging right now -- you certainly have a few other things going on in your life at the moment!!
love to all, auntie

Anonymous said...

""HACKED""?????????? ** HACKED, you say?????????? arghhhhhhhhhh!! makes a hairdresser feel soooo good to hear "HACKED"??? so many other terms of endearment, such as ' SHAPED?? STYLED??? TEXTURIZED>>>>>>> REMOVED a few inches ( such as in 8!!!!) "samantha BROWN" :)> I'm just kidding, your first term is probably MORE ACCURATE, since I"M A VERY OLD HAIRDRESSER!!!!!!!! with 47 years of HACKING under her belt!! ( or under her cape. ha) you look MAHVELOUS dahling!!!!! and THAT PRECIOUS BABY is beyond CUTENESS!!!!! Hang with Urbana, where else could you live and be almost any place you wanted in less than 15 minutes, ( and that's WALKING )!!!!!and close enuf I don't have to CATCH a PLANE< !!!! luv ya mama-- o and I agree with Jodi, you're a CUTE LITTLE NEANDERTHAL!!!

amypfan said...

I think the haircut looks great! Mom, you can hack my hair any time. :)

And Will's eyes look so blue in that picture!